Storage Tips for Business

iStock_000016660019XSmallFianna Hills Mini Storage is committed to creating a business storage solution to meet your needs. We offer the perfect solution for storing your excess retail inventory, unused equipment and furniture. Our facilities are a great option for on-the-road sales agents who need a central location where they can easily access products.

Industries who choose our facilities:

Local Small Businesses (file storage)

Contractors (equipment storage)

Warehouse Distributors (product storage)

Business storage benefits:

Easy drive up access

Month to month lease for convenience and flexibility

24hr video surveillance

Secure electronic gate access

No one's office should have to double as a storage unit!

Free up your valuable office space and empty your overflowing file cabinets and storage rooms.

Call today and make a reservation.

Retail Business Goods

If stacks of supplies, awkward fixtures, seasonal decorations or unused signs are taking up valuable room in your restaurant or shop, self storage can be a cost-saving option.

Brick-and-mortar businesses and online store owners alike need convenient, inexpensive ways to store merchandise, equipment, marketing materials and supplies. In most cases, self-storage space will cost less per square foot than the same space in your restaurant or store. Plus it provides a convenient way to stock up on inventory and stay organized when storage space is limited.

Keep these guidelines in mind when planning to use self storage for your retail business:

Security at a self-storage facility may exceed what you have in your store or restaurant. Keypad access, security cameras, perimeter fencing and on-site management are common security measures in facilities.

Choosing Self-Storage Units

Estimate size based on long-term use (most people end up storing more for longer periods than they originally planned).

If you have multiple locations for your business, multiple, smaller storage units can be more convenient than one large unit. Some units may be used for longer-term storage, while others used primarily for inventory and delivery.

Drive-up or outside storage space is useful for parking delivery vans, lawn care trailers and equipment, and other business-related vehicles.

Selling directly from a self-storage unit is usually not allowed.